We get so many calls each week enquiring about which Quad is suitable for customers children we thought we’d write a blog to help our and others customers make a informed decision when investing in a Kids mini Quad this summer.

Here we go, get comfy, it’s not as simple as it seems, Petrol or electric? bigger or smaller? Short term or long term investment? Don’t worry all your questions are answered, if not give us a call!

First things first, you could spend between £250 (with some lower end suppliers) and £2500 on a kids Quad bike and by kids Quad bike we mean 49cc/50cc up to 125cc, anything else is an adults or late teens Quad bike.

Lets get the big one out the way first. Petrol or electric?

Pro’s and cons of petrol

CON - They are noisy, imagine a lawnmower on steroids…You’ll turn heads, the local park wont be the place for you, if you do expect multiple complaints from dog walkers and alike, you’ll need to go somewhere quiet, common land or a dedicated track if you’re not blessed with a massive garden or land.

CON – Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance. The most common complaint we get from customers we sell Petrol mini quads to is the level of maintenance required, if your not mechanically minded go for electric. On the plus side many customers who are mechanically minded, and we don’t mean a BMW approved mechanic, if you can service a bicycle you’ll have no problem with a mini quad, find it a great way to bond with their children, the more they know about their machine the better they ride it and fixing a pull start with mum or dad can be fun, if the kids get to use the tools!!

Pro’sThey are cheaper, hands down without exception they cost less, if you're not sure how your child will take to quad biking then the lower the investment the safer the investment right? No one wants to be selling a barely used kids mini Quad on eBay for half the price they paid for it do they….

Pro’sRide all day. Quite simply you can take a can of two stoke mix with you and ride all day long, no charging, no pit stops just endless fun!

Pro’s and con’s of electric

I’d love to write a long explanation for this but its basically the opposite of what you’ve just read! Little or no maintenance, but they cost more and expect around an hour max of ride time before loading up and going home to charge. Electric mini Quads are great for occasional use and low hassle and maintenance but its balanced with usability. Additional batteries are available but expect to pay almost what you paid for the quad for a spare battery. If the easy, clean life is what you’re looking for, electric Quads are the way to go!

Size…It’s a tricky one!

We have parents of children as young as 4 buy a 49cc mini Quad from us but its less about age and more about size and experience, kids can race motocross  as young as 6 these days!

To put it simply, from 3-4 years (under supervision) up to around 10, mini Quad is the way to go, most hold a maximum weight of 80KG and a maximum height of 5ft. If your child is 4ft 11 then it may not be a wise investment though as within 6 months the mini quad will be too small for them, if they love it you’ll be forking out sooner than you think! At epicstuff.co.uk we sell ¾ size 110cc Quads and slightly smaller than full size 125cc Quads, these can offer great value even though more expensive to purchase, both the 110cc kids Quad and the 125cc Kids Quad can be restricted to as slow as you want. Lots of parents buying for younger siblings of brothers or sisters that already ride quads confident in the knowledge that they will get lots of use go for these options, the Quad will last for years, they are robust enough and big enough to carry an adult so there’s no need to upgrade as they won’t grow out of them. Size isn’t too much of an issue as the seat to footrest height is nothing, most parents are put off by the potential speed of the bigger Quads but as we’ve said all our Quads up to 125cc can be restricted to walking pace should you wish.

One thing is for sure, no child is the same, no parent is the same that’s why whether you buy from us or not feel free to call us for advice, I’m an ex motocross rider and both my 8 year old boy and 4 year old girl ride Quad bikes, the very same Quad bikes we sell.

Our 50cc Kids petrol Quad bikes can be found HERE. Our Kids electric Quad bike range HERE and for the older kids our range of 110cc Quad bikes HERE and 125cc Quad bikes HERE.

Happy shopping!