Explore Our Range Of Children's Ride-On Tractors

What’s better than chuntering around on a tractor at Easter time?

Many children love the idea of being on a farm this time of year, surrounded by fluffy chicks and lambs and watching tractors working the land.

Tractors are usually highly popular toys with children, especially little boys, perhaps because they’re associated with farms and animals, but also because they’re mighty looking vehicles and capture their imaginations. They’re often one of the most popular types of toys when it comes to diecast models and many children would grab the chance to ride on a tractor themselves!

Imagine how much fun they would, therefore, have with one of our ride-on tractors! The ideal gift for birthdays and other special occasions, they’re ideal for families with plenty of outdoor space.

Our children’s electric ride-on tractors come in a variety of styles and are guaranteed to provide hours of fun.

Since they’re electric, they’re much better for the environment and have a rechargeable battery so they’re easy to keep powered up. Among our range is the John Deere Two-Seater Tractor which can be used by two children at the same time. It’s perfect for children aged 3 years and up and can tackle a slope with an elevation of 17%.

Why not find out more about our children’s ride-on-tractors today?

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