Searching For Children’s Ride On Fire Engines?

Have a kid who dreams of being a firefighter when they get older?

There’s something about fire engines that children find exciting, whether it’s their flashing blue lights or the fact they have heroes inside heading to save people’s lives. The popularity of programmes like Fire Man Sam is a testament to how much kids love these types of vehicles!

With our ride-on fire engines, children can live out their fantasies of saving lives. It will enable them to invent all sorts of imaginative games with their friends and siblings.

Fire engines are just one of our many ride-on electric vehicles for children, which you can buy on our website.

This 6V Fire Engine is only £47.95 which is driven by a 20W motor, making it suitable for firm, flat surfaces only.

This foot pedal switch operated truck has an MP3 player input, with a cable which plugs into the dashboard. This means music can be played through the car speaker. It also has working LED lights so they can have them flashing when coming to the rescue!

We also have this 12V Children’s Twin Motor Ride-On Fire Engine that comes with accessories. It comes complete with Helmet, backpack and toy extinguisher for any budding firefighters, so they look the part in. It also comes complete with a 2.4G Parental Remote Control that makes it highly safe.

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