Looking for outdoor toys that will entertain kids for hours on end?

Our electric ride-on cars are guaranteed to stop them being glued to screens and will ensure they get plenty of fresh air this summer.

Whether you buy a one or two-seater, they’re ideal for playing imagination-filled games with friends or siblings.

Most kids long to be in the driving seat after watching parents at the wheel. With our electric ride-on vehicles, we can help you make that dream a reality. All our vehicles come with parental controls, so you can ensure that they’re kept as safe as possible.

Since they run on electricity, they just need a quick charge to keep them running.

Whatever type of cars spark your child’s imagination, we have numerous styles to choose from.

We have everything from fire engines and jeeps to tractors, motorbikes and more to choose from. You’ll also find a wide collection of other outdoor toys to order on our website, including those for adults and children.

Our range includes this red 12V Licenced Rubicon Kids Ride on Jeep which is highly stylish and has many awesome features. That includes upgraded leather seats and rubber wheels. It also has working lights, steering wheel sounds, MP3 player and working suspension.

For more information, explore our collection of electric ride-on jeeps for kids.

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