Want to ensure your child spends plenty of time outdoors this summer?

One of our electric ride-on cars is guaranteed to get them away from screens. Coming in a variety of different styles, they include Audis, VW Beetles, Lamborghinis, and much more. We also have other ride-on vehicles like John Deere tractors.

Audi is a luxury German brand and they’re well-known for both their performance and well-crafted interiors. Choose our children’s ride-on Audis and your child will enjoy plenty of authentic features. That includes real-looking interiors, working doors and much more!

Stylish and sporty Audis with parental controls.

Perhaps you have an Audi vehicle yourself and would love them to have their own mini version. Among our collection is this Licenced 12V Ride-on Audi which comes in black and a panoply of other colours.

Available for pre-order, this kid’s ride-on will arrive in May, making it the perfect investment for the summer ahead. Features include LED lights, safety belts, leather seats and official Audi branding throughout.

Audis are just one of the many styles of children’s ride-on cars we have. We also have a massive choice of outdoor toys for kids and adults young at heart.

FInd out more about our ride-on children’s cars or contact us today.

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